Gazal Shaikh is a clothes and lifestyle blogger based in Qatar. She hosts all the best events in the country. She’s a very talented fashion designer based in Qatar. IAMGAZAL was born in 2014 with creative aspirations.

IAMGAZAL is becoming increasingly popular with different audiences, especially women, because of the valuable content it produces and the very positive reviews it delivers. Throughout her remarks, she also seemed to be frank and forward-looking.  This means that wherever a person comes from, he or she must be treated fairly.

The main goal of Gazal’s through its website is to promote fashion and lifestyle and to encourage people to become better versions of themselves. That’s why she shares her skills and expertise on a timely basis. She believes that family and self-growth are important, and one can not rely solely on materialistic needs.

She continues to make improvements and promotes others to express their opinions and ideas to make them feel better about themselves through her blog, IAMGAZAL. Her blog activities are aimed at promoting, educating and inspiring women around the world through a range of style tips, fashion trends, personal style, product reviews, lifestyle and beauty secrets.

With this advocacy, Gazal has been able to work with a number of highly regarded brands, including Rolls Royce, Victoria Secret, Massimo Dutti, Versace, Master Card, Hyundai, Swissline Skincare, The Pearl Qatar (UDC), West Elm, and many others.

Gazal is very cautious when it comes to working with a variety of brands. She thinks the above quantity in quality. She’s doing her own research, such as checking performance and integrity before endorsing any product, service, brand/business on her blog.

The article she produces is an imaginative musical, built both for the public and for classes that offer the latest and the newest in fashion through collaborations with the best in the industry. To satisfy her creative drive by generating-quality products and sharing what she loves with her audiences around the world.

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